Susan Fletcher
Bob Welle and his falcon. Bob showed me his falcon stooping (diving through the air) on prey, so that I could describe Skava's dive in Flight of the Dragon Kyn.
Photo by Susan Fletcher.
While I was writing Dragon’s Milk, our kitten, Nimbus, sat in my lap, purring and kneading my legs with her claws. Not coincidentally, the draclings thrum in their throats and knead Kaeldra’s legs with their talons.
At Camelot Lodge, Moab, Utah. This is Clyde, who helped me understand Ziba, the camel who carries Mitra and Babak across ancient Persia in Alphabet of Dreams.
Photo by Max Nussenbaum.
Ruby Donkey Central Oregon, with Ruby. Ruby was one of the models for Gorizpa in Alphabet of Dreams. Ruby has gone on to further greatness, with a starring role in the local Christmas pageant this year.
Photo by Margaret Bechard.
With Donkey In Central Oregon, with Jenny. Jenny served as the other model for Gorizpa, the donkey in Alphabet of Dreams. (Except Jenny is much prettier than Gorizpa!)
Photo by Margaret Bechard.
Camel and girl Camel guide Amy Hultzman. Amy and Terry Moore, chief camel guide and animal trainer at Camelot Lodge, led me on a camel trek through the desert near Moab-research for Mitra's journey in Alphabet of Dreams.
Photo by Max Nussenbaum.
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