Susan Fletcher
The music room of a palace, looking up toward the ceiling. The designs, shaped like musical instruments, are cut out of the wall and ceiling, making for good acoustics. Musicians would have sat or stood on ledges high above the listeners.
Photo by Laura Clemens.
Author with sister
In Tehran with my sister Laura Clemens. We’re looking at the Farsi edition of Shadow Spinner.
Photo by Cyrus Hamedi.
Red village
Abyaneh, Iran. This village was the inspiration for Koosha's Village of the Red Mountain in Alphabet of Dreams.
Photo by Laura Clemens.
Iran building one A caravansary in Iran. Mitra and Babak stay in caravansaries—inns for people traveling in caravans—on their journey in Alphabet of Dreams.
Photo by Laura Clemens.
Iran dome
Esfahan, Iran. Gorgeous domes and mosaics like this would be familiar to Marjan in Shadow Spinner.
Photo by Laura Clemens.
Iran building 2 A palace in Isfahan, Iran.
This is the front of the palace. I imagine that Shahrazad lived in a palace much like this.
Photo by Laura Clemens.
Iran palace A view from the same palace in Isfahan.
Photo by Laura Clemens.
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