Susan Fletcher
The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry's old planetarium. Jim Todd, Planetarium Manager at OMSI, set the machine in the planetarium to show me how the sun, moon, and stars would move in the middle of winter in a far-northern land for Flight of the Dragon Kyn.
Photo by Jim Todd.
Author in glider
In a glider in Oregon. In Flight of the Dragon Kyn, Kara is borne off by a soaring dragon. I went soaring in a glider so I could experience flight without the aid of a motor.
Photo by Jerry Fletcher.
other Adventures
Lighthouse Battery Point Lighthouse, in Crescent City, California, was the model for the lighthouse in Walk Across the Sea. 
Photo by Susan Fletcher.
Lighthouse2 Battery Point lighthouse is on a tidal island. During high tide, the island is completely surrounded by water. During low tide, you can walk to the mainland.
Photo by Susan Fletcher.
glider Pictured is the pilot of the plane that towed the glider
Photo by Jerry Fletcher.
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