Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher
Author Appearances
Workshops and Programs
I offer a number of programs for various audiences. For more information on any of the programs listed below, please contact me.
School Assemblies
These are large-group presentations for children ranging from kindergarten through middle school or junior high.
Writing Alphabet of Dreams (grades 5 and up)
Adventures in Research (grades 3 and up)
How I Became a Writer and How a Book is Made (grades 3 and up)
The Making of a Picture Book: Dadblamed, Union Army Cow
(grades K-3)
Writing Workshops for Kids
I do a number of small-group writing workshops for kids. Examples:
Using Strong Nouns and Verbs
See! Hear! Smell! Taste! Feel! Writing with the Senses
Showing vs. Telling
Story Starters
Workshops for Teachers
In these workshops, I train teachers to present my writing workshops to their students and/or teach other writing-related subjects. Materials included. Examples:
How to teach "Strong Nouns and Verbs," "Writing With the Senses," and "Showing vs. Telling"
Finding the Shape of Your Story
The Vocabulary of Emotion: How to Present Emotion in Stories
For General Audiences
Adventures in Research (suitable for older kids and adults)
Writing Alphabet of Dreams (suitable for older kids and adults)
Why the Dracling Died: Reflections on Sadness and Death in Children’s Literature (suitable for adult audiences)
Stories Can Save Your Life: Reflections on the Importance of Stories (suitable for adult audiences)
For Adult Writers who are Writing for Children
The Vocabulary of Emotion
What Happens Next? Ask your Protagonist
Echoes and Mirrors: Powerful Patterns of Repetition
The Price of Magic: Writing the Fantasy Novel
History is a Foreign Country: Writing Historical Fiction
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